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Leak Detection Training 

Get the specialist knowledge you need to diagnose and resolve leaks – quickly and cost effectively

Leaks are one of the biggest issues facing the building industry – in Australia and around the world.

And the problem keeps getting worse and worse.

Builders and homeowners are spending thousands of dollars tackling the most obvious possible source of a leak, only to find that when the next downpour comes the leak is still there. Then they move on to the next ‘obvious’ solution, over and over again, while the repair bills grow and grow…


The Leak Professionals training courses and resources provide you with the tools, approach, processes, knowledge and solutions you need to quickly and cost-effectively diagnose and resolve building leaks and are specifically designed for:


  + Builders and Developers + 

  +  Architects and Surveyors +  

  + Building Professionals and Maintainers  + 

  +  Homeowners+  

Building professionals – Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points
with The Leak Professionals training courses. 


Find out what the Top 10 causes of building leaks
really are

Leaks can be incredibly hard to diagnose. As Leak Detection and Rectification Specialists we've seen it all.


In this free ebook we share the most common causes of building leaks to help you work out where your leak could be coming from, so that you can avoid throwing money down the drain fixing possible problems.

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The experts guide to diagnosing and repairing balcony leaks

When a balcony is leaking, most people jump to the conclusion that the membrane must've failed. They spend thousands of dollars ripping up tiles, re-waterproofing and retiling, only to find that when the next downpour comes, it's still leaking. That's because 75% of the time it isn't the membrane.

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Learn how to spray test the right way, to identify the real source of a leak 

It pays to confirm the source of leak, before you start spending money trying to fix it.


This video shows you exactly how to perform an effective and methodical spray test to identify or confirm the true source of your leak.  

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When a balcony leaks it
is rarely because the membrane has failed

In this free ebook we share our 7 top tops for finding the real cause of a balcony leak. 

Reading it could save you wasting thousands of dollars fixing problems that don't exist.

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