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A significant number of modern multi-story buildings, such as apartments and multi-level townhouses, are constructed with tiled balconies as a key feature. With the increase of housing density, and the trend towards smaller and more centrally located residences, tiled balconies are popular as they provide additional amenity such as extra living space, enjoyment of the weather and sunlight, ability to have a small garden and balcony views.


In many instances, tiled balconies are built directly above living areas such as bedrooms and lounge rooms. Without the correct waterproofing and construction, this can lead to frequent problems with leaks. The rooms or neighbors below are usually the first to be affected, and can experience a range of leak related issues including water leaks after heavy rain, collapsing ceilings, damp and mold. The costs and effects of this can be significant for all parties including residents, property managers, property owners and builders.


Without specialized skills and experience, it can be incredibly difficult to prevent and stop balcony leaks, despite the best efforts of general construction workers using methods such as silicone sealants and testing equipment.


To ensure your balcony drainage and leak issues throughout metropolitan Melbourne are resolved quickly and effectively, call the experts, The Leak Professionals, first.

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With The Leak Professionals you can rest assured you are in good hands, as we:


  • Have over 20 years of experience working in the building and construction industry fixing leaks

  • Our team has extensive knowledge, training and insurance

  • We apply practical and effective solutions to stop your balcony leaks

  • Offer a guarantee that in qualifying buildings we will stop leaks within 30 days

  • Our dedicated customer service team is available to discuss your needs and provide a tailored remedy

  • Service all areas of metropolitan Melbourne (and potentially beyond, please call us to have an obligation free chat about your specific needs)

  • Are 100% Australian owned and operated

  • Use our expertise in leak detection and repair to provide a range of training solutions to building and construction industry professionals

Balcony leaks repair training courses and materials for professionals

The Leak Professionals have used their wide experience and expertise to develop a range training courses and resources for building and construction professionals. Contact us to discuss how our training can lead to:


  • Better customer relations as problems with balcony leaks are prevented are minimized

  • Improved planning, design and building which factors in effective water control at all stages

  • Lower operation and maintenance costs of buildings, as you will have the knowledge to quickly and effectively prevent and fix balcony leaks

  • Bigger profits on construction projects with no expensive recalls to fix problems

  • Earning CPD points for building professionals including architects, builders and construction staff

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