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Shower leaks

Shower leaks can be challenging to resolve

Showers are yet another area of buildings that are prone to issues with leaks and water control when appropriate waterproofing was not factored into their installation. Shower leaks can involve water leaking through taps and other shower fittings, through walls, under shower bases, through or adjacent to glass screens, through tiles and many more. This can lead to a variety of problems including water damage to skirting boards, tiles, floor surfaces under tile bases, damp, mold and wood rot. In multi-level buildings, leaking showers can also cause damage to the rooms or neighbors below.


Shower leaks can be a real challenge to fix due to the sheer amount of issues which can occur. With more than twenty years of experience fixing shower leaks in Melbourne’s building and construction industry, The Leak Professionals have the know how to fix your problem. We have extensive knowledge of the design features and problems which cause leaks around showers, so contact us today have an obligation free conversation about how we can help.


You can be confident when selecting us because:

  • Our team is equipped with the best insurance, training, knowledge and certifications

  • We are highly experienced and have been fixing shower leaks in Melbourne for more than twenty years

  • We are Melbourne locals, running a proudly Aussie owned and controlled business

  • Provide a variety of leak detection and prevention training solutions for building and construction industry professionals

  • Our friendly and skilled customer service team can talk you through how we can help with your individual needs with no strings attached

  • Guarantee that we will stop your leaks within a 30-day period in all qualifying buildings

  • Service the entire Melbourne metropolitan area, and can potentially organize to fix your shower leaks in other areas by request

  • Use effective, practical and proven methods to address your leak related problems quickly and easily


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