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“For Qualifying Buildings We Guarantee to Stop Your Leaks Within 30 Days”

Leak Detection & Rectification

With The Leak Professionals Leak Detection Service you'll find the real cause of your
leak, or leaks, and be able to resolve them once and for all. We come to your property and:

  + Perform a comprehensive leak investigation  + 

  +  Identify  and confirm the likely source (or sources) of the leak  +  

  + Tell you what needs to be done to fix the leak – for good  + 

Sometimes, we're able to fix the leak there and then. But in most cases rectification works are more involved – so we provide you with a simple report that explains what's causing your leaks, what
needs to be done to stop your leaks and what it is likely to cost.

  1  We'll visit your property and perform a thorough investigation and identify likely sources   

  2 We send you a short email report explaining the cause of the leak and how to fix it   

  3 We provide you with an estimate to undertake the rectification works  

  4 Our experienced team fix the problem and stop the leak  

Identify the REAL SOURCE of your leak

What to expect when you arrange a Leak Detection Inspection

Leak investigation and diagnosis 

Simple one page report, detailing the
problem and how to fix it.

$540+ GST

Perfect for homeowners or where there are no
other parties involved.

Leak investigation and report 

Comprehensive report with photos, detailed explanation of the diagnosis and rectification works required. 

From    $750+ GST

Ideal when there are multiple parties involved
(landlords, body corporates, builders etc). 

   We guarantee we'll stop your leaks in 30 days*
*Qualifying buildings only 

More than a report.
We both identify the source of the leak and fix it quickly and cost effectively.

Ceiling leaks

Roof leaks

Balcony leaks

Bathroom leaks

Window leaks

Door leaks

Floor leaks

Basement leaks

Please provide a photo or photos showing the area and/or problem, to help us understand what you need. If you need to send more please email them to

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We will toast The Leak Professionals team every time it rains and we stay dry.


We'd lived with an unfinished renovation for 10 years, cos no one could solve the problem, until we got The Leak Professionals involved. 


 Anna | Melbourne


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