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Window & door leaks

Windows and doors, a common cause of leaks


Windows and doors are a common location for leaks, and can be expertly repaired across metropolitan Melbourne by The Leak Professionals.


In particular, timber window frames can often cause leaks due to the onset of rot allowing water to enter. This is more prevalent on the weather side of the building as it receives the most exposure to the elements. The most common leak point from the effects of rotting and water damage, is where the windowsill comes into contact with the vertical timber frame.


In addition, Aluminum windows, although much less prone to leaks than timber windows and unable to rot, can leak in the areas around the outer edge of the frames and against the adjacent cladding when they are not properly installed. There can also be issues with sub sills which can be challenging to rectify.


Doors, including their frames and sills, are another common area where leaks occur, with both aluminum and timber doors prone to leaking when incorrectly installed. As with windows, issues occur most frequently on the side of the building which is most exposed to the weather, and where doors do not have surrounding weather protection such as verandah to stop rain water coming in direct contact with the area.

You can be confident when dealing with us, as The Leak Professionals:


  • Guarantee we will stop leaks within 30 days in all qualifying buildings

  • Are fully owned and operated by Australians

  • Have extensive experience fixing leaks and have been working as specialists in Melbourne’s building and construction industry for over twenty years

  • Members of our dedicated team have wide skills, training and insurance

  • Only use proven, practical and effective solutions to stop your door and window leaks quickly and with a minimum of fuss

  • Have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team ready to talk to you about your needs

  • Provide our services throughout metropolitan Melbourne (and in some cases in other locations on a case by case basis - please contact us for an obligation free discussion if you would like to enquire)


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