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Basements are a common area where leaks and building water control issues can occur, particularly in instances where builders don’t adhere to the instructions provided by the engineer/s regarding drain levels, appropriate waterproofing including the use of membranes and detailing.


When buildings and basements are designed, this will usually involve a strategy to keep water from entering the building by including sufficient drainage. In addition, slotted drains installed behind walls must be fitted at the correct level, and flow into pits to enable water to be drained or pumped out of the building as required.


Basement leaks can often be very difficult to resolve, and each individual case needs to be thoroughly investigated to locate the cause/s of leaks and find effective solutions. Also adding to the level of difficulty is the very limited access inherent in most basements.


With difficulties such as these, make sure you don’t throw good money after bad on ineffective and expensive solutions. Call The Leak Professionals, experienced experts who can provide practical and effective fixes for your basement water leaks.

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  • Have developed an extensive suite of training solutions for professionals in the building and construction industry covering all aspects of building water control


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If you are a building and construction industry professional who would like to benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, you can contact The Leak Professionals to sign up for one of our extensive selection of training courses and resources. All our courses enable construction workers, builders and architects to earn CPD points whist learning highly sought after skills, so get in touch with us  now for more information.