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Got a leak?

You need the Leak Professionals 

  We find the real source of your leak and fix it – once and for all.


Melbourne's leak detection, diagnosis and repair experts

Stop your leak once and for all – get The Leak Professionals on the case.

Our leak diagnosis experts will come to you and find the real cause of your leak or leaks. We'll:

  + Perform a comprehensive leak investigation  + 

  +  Identify the likely source (or sources) of the leak  +  

  + Tell you what needs to be done to fix the leak – for good  + 

Sometimes, we can even fix the leak there and then. But in most cases, the rectification works can be more involved – so we provide you with a simple report that explains what's causing your leaks, what needs to be done to stop your leaks and what it is likely to cost. 


At just $540 + GST for a comprehensive leak investigation and basic report,
it's a worthwhile investment that could save you thousands.

   We guarantee to stop your leaks in 30 days*see how 
*Qualifying buildings only 


The Leak Professionals 

With over 20 years experience specialising in leak detection and repairs, The Leak Professionals have diagnosed and repaired thousands of leaking buildings across metropolitan Melbourne.
We have the specialist skills, experience and knowledge needed to find the real cause
(or causes) of your leak and fix it and are the first point of call for:

  + Building and Construction companies  + 
  +  Tradespeople – including plumbers, electricians and carpenters  +  
  + Real estate agents and property managers  + 
  + Architects and engineers  + 
  + Landlords, owner occupiers and tenants  + 
  + Insurance companies  + 


We will toast The Leak Professionals team every time it rains and we stay dry.


We'd lived with an unfinished renovation for 10 years, cos no one could solve the problem, until we got The Leak Professionals involved. 


 Anna | Melbourne


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