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Top Three Bathroom Makeover Mistakes

Are you thinking of a bathroom renovation? Be warned. While the ever-growing number of home makeover television programs and glossy magazines feature shiny people remodelling tired bathrooms into gleaming wet rooms, careful planning and expert advice is essential.

Here are my own top three bathroom renovation pitfalls to avoid, which will hopefully save you time, money and aggravation.

Trying to Do It Yourself

The very nature of a bathroom – a wet room that integrates multiple services into a small space – makes bathroom renovation one of the most complex renovation tasks that can be undertaken. It is one for the experts.

Always use qualified, knowledgeable tradespeople. Not only will give it you peace of mind, it is also less likely that the work will be defective.

So just how many experts could it take to complete your bathroom makeover? Possibly a few…I would say certainly four, maybe six. Take your pick from the list below:

  • Experienced builder

  • Electrician

  • Carpenter

  • Plumber

  • Plasterer

  • Waterproofer

  • Tiler

  • Cabinetmaker

  • Glazier

  • Painter


Did you know that there is an Australian waterproofing of domestic wet areas standard? If you want to check it out it is AS 3740-2010.

Waterproofing failure is one of the most common building defects in Australia, with bathrooms obviously being pretty near the top of the list as the source of internal leaks. They can be particularly destructive, with poorly waterproofed showers and baths leaking downstairs or into voids for many months before being discovered.

If you do nothing else, use a qualified tradesperson to waterproof your new bathroom. It will be money very well spent indeed.

Planning & Budget

Of all the rooms to renovate in your house, the bathroom is the one that will require the most planning. Not only are there the technical aspects to consider, but also factors such as how many people will be using the bathroom, where to locate essential services and specification of (often expensive) fixtures and fittings.

Put simply, invest time in planning and set a realistic budget. The Leak Professionals has been called out many times to trace and fix leaks in new bathrooms, often because corners have been cut

Renovating a bathroom can seem expensive, but it can be a lot more expensive in the long run if corners are cut on essential waterproofing and effective sealing of shower units and baths.

All the best, Martin


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